December 30, 2016

Tata Trusts Mobilises INR 40 crore worth bank credit for women’s Self-Help Groups

Rajasthan: Tata Trusts, the organisation known for catalysing transformational change in India has been instrumental in promoting group based financial inclusion for over 1.3 lakh poor households across 13 Rajasthan: Tata Trusts, the organisation known for catalysing transformational change in India has been instrumental in promoting group based financial inclusion for over 1.3 lakh poor households across 13 districts of Rajasthan through formation of women led Self-Help Groups (SHG) and their apex institutions, i.e., Clusters and Federations.

The Sakh-Se-Vikas – development through credit initiative of the Tata Trusts, under which these women’s groups have been formed was seeded in Rajasthan in 2005 with the realization that timely and affordable financial services are still not a possibility for a vast section of the rural poor which constrains their ability to invest in their livelihood sources such as agriculture or to take up new activities to augment household incomes. To improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor of Rajasthan, they require larger volumes of credit to invest in existing and new professions combined with, technical and capacity building support to enable them realize higher economic returns, improving productivity and marketing linkages. Under the SSV Initiative, the Trusts have supported mobilization of poor women to help them come together to form Self-Help Groups of 12-16 members each, supported them to undertake small scale financial transactions of savings and lending within the group with proper accounting and thereafter linked them with local banks for accessing loans for livelihoods enhancement.

The quality of women-led community institutions under SSV has gained recognition across the state and important stakeholders such as the state government have come on board, contributing significant financial resources to accelerate the sustainability of institutions and prosperity at the household level. Through partnerships with the state and central government, the Trusts have designed and helped implement agriculture and livestock based livelihood programmes which focus on enhancing agricultural production, increasing milk yield and linking the women producers with the markets. Not only have the SHG members been able to significantly enhance their household incomes, they have been able to invest in building a better future through building houses and toilets, sending their children to good schools and minimizing distress migration to cities for work.

Significant changes in women empowerment indicators have taken place, such as say in family decision making, mobility within and outside villages, access to public health services and participation and leadership role in Panchayati Raj Institutions. Women leaders have voiced their opinions in various forums in front of senior government leaders and bankers to ensure that they get their entitlements and rights.

About Centre for Microfinance (CmF)
Tata Trusts work in Rajasthan through their Associate Organization – the Centre for microFinance (CmF) which not only supports field implementing partners for better execution but also works closely with the state government to mainstream the lessons of the SSV initiative into the state’s development programmes.

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