Media, Arts, Crafts & Culture

Bringing back the colour and joy to craftsmen’s lives

India’s long tradition of culture over the millennia is now established in highly evolved art forms. However, artistic and cultural practices are at risk of disappearing due to rapid social changes and the inability of artists and artisans to make a living from them. Monuments, museums and archives of historical value in India have also been slowly decaying, due to a lack of interest in conserving them.

Over the years, the Tata Trusts have worked towards enhancing livelihoods and quality of life of artistes, artisans and craftsmen, by supporting: 

  • Initiatives to secure the livelihoods of crafts communities
  • Sustainable livelihoods in performing arts
  • Preservation and conservation of culture
  • Community media to aid development
  • Identifying and supporting education in the arts across various disciplines

Kalapana - sustaining a rich legacy

Kalapana will serve to increase awareness among city dwellers about traditional art and craft forms of India and about the Trusts’ work in the media, arts and culture space


Performing Arts

Performing arts have been the mainstay of cultural life in India’s rural areas since ancient times. With the advent of cinema and television, artistes who made their living from performing arts found the going tough with poor remuneration and thin audiences.



The conservation and restoration of historic monuments and ancient texts, along with the dissemination of information about processes and technologies to do so, is essential to preserve architectural and cultural landscapes.


Craft-based Livelihoods

The craft sector is the country’s largest source of employment after agriculture. It provides employment to over seven million families.


Community Media

Community media play a key role in disseminating information, creating awareness and educating the masses on various developmental and marginalisation issues in India.