Rural Upliftment

Teaching the means to secure the necessities of life

Agriculture is the main occupation of India’s rural population. However, given marginal land holdings of tribal cultivators, along with the adoption of primitive methods of cultivation, lack of assured water for irrigation, etc., productivity is low. Consequently, livelihood options have diminished proportionately in the rural areas, leading to poverty, lack of food security, and seasonal and permanent migration to towns and cities for better opportunities. The migration, in turn, has resulted in impoverishment, unplanned growth, and poor living and working conditions in the urban areas.

The Tata Trusts has recognised migration as an opportunity for economic and societal development, rather than an obstacle. The livelihoods portfolio of the Trusts focuses on the inclusive growth of marginalised populations in both rural and urban areas. Besides, development of skills (for individuals) and building the capacity of Community Based Organisations is an important focus area.

The overall scope of the portfolio covers food security, regaining agricultural dynamism, income generation, housing, food-based interventions, land rights, land law reforms, potable water and sanitation, etc.

Weaving dreams

The Nettle Fibre Project in Chamoli Garhwal help women make a living from processing, spinning and weaving nettle fibre