• Creating urbane habitats for the urban poor

    December , 2017

    Tata Trusts lifts lives of the underprivileged through interventions in housing, basic services and livelihoods

  • Food for thought

    December , 2015

    Tata Trusts support for Action against Malnutrition has been but one weapon in the fight against malnutrition, a slow killer among impoverished populations

  • Data-driven governance

    Informing, impacting and improving policy making

  • Diversion Based Irrigation

    Diverting rivers or streams to irrigate farms is an age-old practice in India. With the promotion of automated irrigation systems and breakdown of rural governments, this traditional system fell into disuse.

  • Tata Water Mission

    In view of global crisis in drinking water sector, India too is facing challenges in providing safe drinking water to all, especially rural communities.

  • Central India

    Works across Odisha, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal

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